Orthodontic Appliance Therapy

Dr. Jon Glenn may recommend an orthodontic appliance based on your specific needs. There are several types of appliances available, and we will discuss your treatment, oral health and appliance options with you to determine which type of appliance is right for you.

Common orthodontic appliances include:

  • Clear aligners — This type of appliance is an alternative treatment option to braces. The aligners are made of smooth, clear plastic, making them comfortable and discreet as well as effective in moving your teeth into their ideal positions.
  • Headgear — Orthodontic headgear is used to direct the growth and position of the jaw during orthodontic treatment. It is frequently used to correct overbites and other malocclusion.
  • Mouth guard — Mouth guards are used to protect your smile from injury and damage. They are frequently recommended for patients who participate in sports and other athletic activities.
  • Myofunctional appliances — This type of appliance is used to help improve jaw function. A myofunctional appliance is typically a more conservative and more natural approach than other appliances and is available for adults, though it is most effective on younger patients.
  • Night guard — This oral appliance protects your teeth and mouth while you sleep at night. It is typically recommended for individuals who grind and clench their teeth while asleep.
  • Retainers — This orthodontic appliance is provided after your treatment is complete and works to keep your teeth in their newly corrected positions.

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