Dental Bridges

Our experienced dentist may recommend a dental bridge if you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row. Dental bridges are a type of fixed (non-removable) restoration and are anchored in place through the use of two dental crowns on either side of the bridge. These crowns may be placed on your natural teeth or atop dental implants, and they hold your prosthetic tooth or teeth in place to restore your smile and ensure that your bridge will not shift or come loose.

Benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Restoring your ability to speak, eat and chew normally
  • Alleviating the excess stress on your bite
  • Improving the shape and volume of your face
  • Replacing removable partial dentures
  • Preventing your remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place
  • Improving the appearance of your smile

When you receive a dental bridge, plan on at least two visits with our dentist to complete your treatment. During the first visit, impressions will be taken and the teeth on either side of the bridge will be prepared to receive crowns. Temporary crowns may be placed to protect the tooth until the final restorations are completed. After your prosthetic teeth are completed, you will return for your second appointment, and our dentist will check that your bridge fits properly before bonding it into your mouth to complete your treatment. Your final result is designed to last for many years so that you can feel confident in speaking, eating and smiling.

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