Diagnosing Gum Disease

Gum disease is a degenerative dental condition caused by the harmful bacteria trapped in plaque and calculus in your mouth. Most people will develop some form of gum disease during their life and require treatment to eliminate the disease and regain their oral health. Gum disease evaluations are performed during your comprehensive dental exams. These exams are opportunities for our dentist and team to check your mouth for signs of developing problems and ensure that you are receiving all the care you need. If we find signs of periodontal disease, we will conduct a more in-depth evaluation to make a diagnosis and determine if you need treatment.

During your periodontal evaluation, our dentist will carefully check your gums for swelling, tenderness, redness or easy bleeding. We will take measurements around each tooth to determine how much space is between the tooth and gum, measure any gum recession or loosening of teeth, and check for signs of inflamed gum tissue. This will allow us to make a positive diagnosis of gum disease and determine the severity of your disease. We will then be able to create a treatment plan to meet your needs and help restore your oral health.

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