A frenulum is a small fold of tissue connecting one part of your mouth to another. Occasionally, the frenulum is unusually short or thick, resulting in conditions known as tongue-tie and lip-tie. These conditions prevent you from chewing, eating and speaking properly, and may contribute to other problems, such as gum recession, gaps between the upper front teeth and issues with wearing dentures. Frenectomies are most frequently provided for young children but are also available for adults.

Our skilled dentist and team offer frenectomies to help treat these problems and improve your oral health and function. Both lingual (tongue) and labial (lip) frenectomy procedures are available for your needs, and we will carefully examine your mouth prior to creating your treatment plan to determine if a frenectomy is the right option for you.

Your frenectomy procedure is quick and comfortable to perform and can usually be completed in just one appointment with our dentist. We will take care to ensure that you and your child are comfortable during treatment and will provide you with detailed care instructions to aid in healing and recovery following the procedure.

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