Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth have a significant impact on your oral health and function. If you are missing teeth, it will affect your ability to eat, speak and smile normally. It will also contribute to the deterioration of your supporting bone tissue and the stability of your remaining teeth. As your teeth play a vital role in stimulating your supporting bone to keep it healthy, it is crucial that you replace any missing teeth and regain normal oral health and function as quickly as possible, before your remaining teeth can shift out of place or become unstable in your mouth, and before you can experience any loss of supporting bone in the area.

Dr. Jon Glenn offers several options for replacing your missing teeth, including:

When you visit our dentist for your initial consultation, he will thoroughly examine your mouth and discuss your oral health and treatment options with you. Each type of tooth replacement option has its own benefits, and we will help you make an informed decision about your care so that you can regain a healthy mouth and smile.

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