Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Jon Glenn offers implant-supported dentures, including All-on-4® implants, to replace multiple missing teeth and to restore your smile. Implant-retained dentures are similar in appearance to traditional dentures. However, unlike traditional dentures, they are stabilized and anchored in your mouth with dental implants. These implants prevent the dentures from becoming loose and “floating” within the mouth, giving you a solution that is highly stable and which allows you to eat, speak and smile comfortably and confidently. Implant dentures are also a cost-effective solution, combining the stability of implants with the less expensive option of dentures to meet both your oral health needs and your budget. In many cases, our dentist can even retrofit existing dentures with implants.

Implant-supported dentures require only a few strategically placed implants to support your prosthetic teeth. Most implant-supported dentures require four to six implants in the dental arch, though the specific number of implants placed will ultimately depend on your individual needs. Once the implants have been placed and you have recovered from the implant placement surgery, your dentures will be attached atop the implants to complete your treatment. Many patients who receive this treatment report that their implant-retained dentures feel and function just like their natural teeth.

As with regular single-tooth implants, your implant-supported dentures are designed to last a lifetime. While you may need to replace the dentures as they wear out, the implant posts should remain stable in your mouth for years to come as long as you care for them properly with regular brushing and flossing and professional preventive care.

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