Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a conservative restoration used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage, such as that caused by minor cracking or cavities. Fillings work by literally “filling in” the damaged portion of the tooth, restoring its appearance, structure and function and returning your smile to good health. There are two main types of dental fillings available: amalgam and composite. Silver amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of metals, while composite fillings are made from tooth-colored materials that blend in with your teeth. While both types of fillings will meet your needs and restore your teeth and smile for years to come, composite fillings are typically more popular, as they look more natural and promote better long-term oral health.

Dental fillings can be placed in just one visit to our practice. Our dentist will first remove the damaged portions of the tooth and thoroughly clean it to remove all traces of decay. The filling material is then placed onto the tooth and sculpted to match the shape and contours of the tooth. Finally, our dentist will harden and polish the filling to complete your treatment and provide a lasting restoration.

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