So glad I found Jon and Eli and their team! My longtime dentist had retired and I had an unhappy experience with a dental office that belonged to a corporation. Then neighbors recommended Jon Glenn. Not only is he a top-notch, experienced dentist whom you can trust to take great care of you. Everyone here will make sure you get the best treatment and service! This is a family-run office and everyone is professional and nice! There is no front office staff up-selling you on unnecessary procedures. Jon is calm and very patient, so if you have to exhale to release dentist stress, it’s okay. Their equipment is top modern. The office is spotless. The hygienists are equally super and nice! 
The location is across from Fashion Island, ample parking on site.

Marion R.

I don’t write many reviews as I really only want to speak about the people that are really special. Dr. Glenn is one of those people. The whole experience is comfortable from the front office on back. I have been a patient at least 10 years. My kids are now patients of his. Knowledgeable doctor and friendly staff. They take the time to thoroughly explain any issues and how to proceed and what to expect. With good preventative care I can’t even remember the last time the kids had cavities. 
This is the kind of health care you are looking for.

Ken H.

I’ve been going to Dr John for over 15 years. Love him, love his wife, love his hygienist. No pain, fun to talk with when his hands aren’t in my mouth. He’s the guy who teaches other dentists what to do so you know he’s always up on latest and greatest techniques. 
All around he is a Prince among dentists.

Elizabeth W.

Since I’m an Insurance Agent, I can appreciate going to a Dentist who consults for insurance companies. Dr Glenn is an expert at knowing what is and isn’t covered so that he can better inform me, & so that I can make an educated decision. He’s extremely thorough & he’s very patient. I love the fact that I’m not going to an office that isn’t run like a corporation. Dr Glenn’s wife works the front office and is such a pleasure to speak to and see each time I go in. They’re a great team. I know I’m always going to have a good experience when I visit.

Mas B.

I had such negative experiences at the dentist that I stopped going for several years. When I finally broken down in 2003 and needed to find one, I used a very strategic approach: 

1. Started with a list of dentists in the Newport Beach/Fashion Island area (how could a bad dentist afford the rent there?); 
2. Narrowed it down to a few on 1800DENTIST; 
3. Asked the opinion of my friend, who managed a dental X-RAY lab in the area; 

I ended up with Dr. Glenn. 

And I could not be happier. Dr. Glenn is the best dentist! Very detailed, caring and kind. 

I’ve referred many dentist-fearing friends and family to them and they have all had equally excellent experiences with him.

Wellesley S.

Dr Glenn is amazing! I just had my first dentist appointment in 10 years… And he was fantastic. I was always scared to go so I avoided check ups. I’m glad I went because he did a very thorough exam and was so kind and gentle. He explained everything in detail so I wasn’t scared…. Can’t wait to go back for teeth cleaning and whitening 🙂 definitely recommend him!

Amber S.

Dr. Glenn is knowledgeable, patient, ever so gentle and competent. Whatever the question, he explains, in detail, until you’re comfortable with his recommendations. His staff is well-trained and friendly. The office (front and back) is modern and spotless. The location is easy and the parking abundant – what’s not to love about Fashion Island? 

Whenever I’ve needed a referral, Dr. Glenn offers professionals whose work he is familiar with, and I’ve been happy every time. 

I’ve been a patient for several years and have never had a single concern or complaint.

Cynthia P.

Dr. Glenn is a wonderful dentist. I had avoided going to the dentist for years due to pain experienced in a dentists chair. I started going to Dr. Glenn 2 years ago and would recommend him to anyone, I no longer fear going to the dentist …. as long as it is Dr. Glenn.

Janer p.

Very first visit was not planned – my crown had came off. I was referred to Dr. Glenn by a friend and his staff got me in right away. Excellent work, friendly, and my tooth is good as new!! Will I be back for cleanings and more – YOU BET!! Thank you for helping me out on a moment’s notice!!

Joyce S.

In an era where much of the focus has been on escalating medical costs, it is refreshing to have been referred to a dentist as thoughtful as Dr. Glenn. My standards were high as my last dentist was was brother when I resided in the SF Bay Area. What impresses me about Dr. Glenn is his detailed approach and genuine care. 

As an example, I was recently fitted with a night guard. Dr. Glenn took the time to talk to me about how to clean it; why not to keep it in my suitcase during business travel; and how the nerves in my mouth would react after the use of the night guard. How nice is it to receive such quality medical care?

Silvia K.

The best dentist I’ve ever been to. I suffered from a receding gumline for years and only this dentist ever got it under control. I went to other dentists who often blamed the receding gumline on me and not their poor cleaning methods. I brushed/flossed/mouthwashed/waterpicked multiple times a day everyday, but still had a receding gumline. 

After I went to Dr. Glenn, he really cleaned deep inside my gums. It hurt like hell, but he cleaned up what was building up from years of incompetent dentists. The stuff he pulled out of there was all kinds of colors and nasty too. Some of it was GREEN. I couldn’t believe it. Two days after he cleaned me out, my gums felt completely different. So healthy and pink after that. 

This dentist also does audits on other dentists too btw. He told me 6 out of 10 dentists he would not let touch his dog’s teeth. Be careful when you are choosing a dentist.

Tom W.

I am very very selective regarding dentists. I drove to a dentist in Long Beach for years because he was a friend of the family and then he sold his practice so I needed a new dentist closer to home (Newport Beach) so started reviewing lots of data before deciding on Dr. Glenn. From the first minute I called the office and spoke with Ellie, I knew I was in good hands. The entire staff is so customer friendly and nice to deal with. More importantly though, Dr. Glenn knows his stuff and referred me to Dr. Luis Kim, a periodontist regarding implants. I had a cracked root canal under my bridge! I was so impressed with Dr. Glenn that my daughter who lives in San Francisco and hasn’t found a good dentist there yet went to him for a check up while visiting us in Newport Beach. She too was most impressed. He told me to use a waterpik, which I had never used before and it is making a difference. You can stop looking right now for a good dentist in Newport Beach! Dr. Glenn is so professional and gentle. I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!!

Juliet F.

Fantastic dentist! I am a new transplant and needed to establish care. I searched my insurance provider’s dentist list based on zip code and picked Dr. Glenn’s name out of a very long list. Then I went to Yelp to see if anyone had written a review on him and lo & behold, many satisfied clients! So, I trusted my fellow reviewers and booked my consult. Dr. Glenn’s wife Ellie works the front and is the sweetest lady and so helpful. Dr. Glenn gave me a thorough exam and discussed the issues I was having and came up with a sensible game plan. Today I had my 2nd visit to have my cleaning, xrays and a filling replaced. I was seen right on time and everyone was so courteous, gentle and thorough. I am so happy to have a fabulous dentist now!! Next week is a crown and then I’m good to go 🙂 Don’t hesitate to see Dr. Glenn – you won’t be disappointed.

Mitzi M.

Excellent dentist. I learned to trust him years ago when he oversaw the dental clinic at UCI. I had some work done there and thought it was fine, but Dr. Glenn thought the work was substandard, and made the clinic re-do the crown at the clinic’s expense! He does excellent work, and has a nice manner. Not cheap, though! But what can you do. Highly recommended.

Ed Z.

Dr Glenn is a very comprehensive and caring dentist and the best one I have every been to. I would highly recommend him as he provides honest recommendations and would never recommend a treatment that wasn’t absolutely necessary. Do glad I finally found a good one!

Wendy G.